Big Dog & Small Dog Ranch Rescue

Thank you to all of our new and seasoned volunteers! We’re excited to announce that our new Director of Volunteer Services will be joining our team beginning on June 4, 2019.


All new volunteer applications are on-hold for processing, until after June 4.


You will be contacted with details for orientations and some exciting Summer Volunteer Opportunities!

Thank you for considering volunteering with Big Dog Ranch Rescue!


We are the largest cage-free, no-kill shelter on the East Coast of the United States. We take in stray, abused, abandoned, neglected, and surrendered dogs and puppies. Volunteers with a variety of skills are needed to save these animals and find them a forever home.


Your help is GREATLY NEEDED and appreciated!

Below are some important facts to ensure that your experience is safe and rewarding:

  • All volunteers must attend an orientation class before they are able to volunteer.
  • We accept volunteers from 10 years of age.
  • All volunteers must wear Big Dog Ranch Rescue shirts when they are volunteering.
  • We offer Community Service hours for schools and courts (only non-violent offenders).
  • When volunteering at our campus, please wear closed toed shoes (tennis shoes are fine) and (jeans, long pants, or knee length shorts). For your safety, no flip-flops or open-toed shoes are allowed.
  • All minor volunteers MUST attend an orientation with a parent or guardian prior to volunteering and adhere to ranch guidelines at all times. Guidelines will be reviewed in detail during orientation.
  • Anyone can be prohibited from volunteering if they do not exhibit safe practices and maturity while on campus.
  • If you are under 18, or plan on volunteering with your children, please be sure to review our Under 18 Policy, which welcomes children and keeps them safe while at the ranch. (See Under 18 Policy at the bottom of the page.)

Volunteer Registration


Already a volunteer?


  • Pay your Orientation Fee, $20 per person who will be attending, (once paid you will receive an email link within 24 hours to schedule a date).
  • Fill out your Volunteer Form and pick a date for orientation.
  • Attend Orientation. You can start volunteering as soon as your Orientation is finished that day.



If you have any additional volunteering questions, please  e-mail us at We appreciate your interest and thank you for becoming a part of the Big Dog Ranch Rescue team & helping us save more lives.  We look forward to having you!!

Already a Volunteer?


If you have applied, completed volunteer orientation, and have been assigned a login by our Volunteer Manager please
visit your Volgistics Portal to schedule your shifts!

Under 18 Policy

  • CHILDREN 0-10 years of age, currently we do not accept volunteers under 10 years of age.
  • Children 10-16 years of age are required to attend orientation with their parent or guardian.
  • Children 10-16 MUST BE SUPERVISED BY A PARENT AT ALL TIMES, Parent and child must EACH pay for orientation.
  • Children 16-18 years of age are REQUIRED TO ATTEND THE ORIENTATION WITH A PARENT OR GUARDIAN. The parent or legal guardian must attend orientation to ensure the safety of our underage volunteers, after orientation 16-18 year olds are allowed to volunteer by themselves. Parents do not need to pay for the orientation if they are not going to volunteer.
  • No minor under the age of 16 can volunteer without a parent present at all times NO EXCEPTIONS. Minors under the age of 10 are not permitted to volunteer at this time.
  • All children under the age of 16 are allowed limited volunteer duties, leash walking with 2 leashes 1 for parent 1 for child per dog and dog bathing with parent.
  • 16 & 17 year old volunteers are permitted to handle dogs as an adult volunteer in accordance with the ranch policies, which must be followed at all times—NO EXCEPTIONS