Big Dog & Small Dog Ranch Rescue
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Building The Dream

In 2018, we completed the first phase of the new campus. This was the start
of a revolution in how dogs are saved by changing their lives every day.
Our bunkrooms are climate-controlled and cage-free to humanely care for every dog.


Big or small, young or old, healthy or sick, our campus provides state of the art care and gives each dog a home environment that heals body and soul. The minute a dog enters Big Dog Ranch Rescue, they begin the healing process.


Each dog that comes through our doors receives a full medical exam, is spayed/neutered, and microchipped. All of our healthy rescues play and train in one of our half-acre play yards. Each rescue receives the best care anywhere, because every part of Big Dog Ranch Rescue contributes to our dogs’ recovery.

Passion, hard work, a driven team, generous support has made our Phase One launch possible; but that’s just the beginning.

Phase Two of our Capital Campaign will provide a multitude of pet care services needed in our community. Sustainability will be enhanced through boarding, on-campus store, and medical services. We will provide the finest daily and long-term boarding for those who have adopted a Big Dog Ranch rescue. Medical services will also be expanded and available to our adopters for lifelong care of their dog. A new campus store will provide all the accessories for both care and enjoyment for the newest addition to the family and will provide much needed revenue.

Education is a key component of what we do at Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Our goal is to educate and inform the community about all aspects of rescuing dogs. From the importance of spaying/neutering, to the cruelty of puppy mills and kill shelters, to proper dog care, we want to engage with our community.


We also strongly support our Veterans who fight to protect our freedom. We will have a dedicated program to train and unite service dogs with members of our military suffering from PTSD.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue plans to open a Senior Sanctuary on our campus. Here, Big Dog Ranch Rescue dogs who have lost their owners will be given a second home at our Senior Sanctuary and we will pair them with Seniors looking to share their love. We will ensure that no dog is left alone or forgotten when their owner passes away. We want to give owners comfort knowing their lifelong companion will always be cared for.


You have the chance to help us complete the premiere dog rescue facility in the nation. You have the chance to help us save countless innocent lives. Your support for Phase Two makes the dream a reality.

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our rescues and our Capital Campaign?