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National Pet Wellness Month: Get Your Dog an Annual Checkup

In honor of National Pet Wellness Month, our team at Big Dog Ranch Rescue wants to remind you how important it is to keep your dog healthy. One of the best ways to stay on top of your dog’s health this October is to schedule an annual checkup. You probably have a designated veterinarian for your fur baby – one that is familiar with your dog’s medical history and records. This is helpful because each year, when you bring your dog in, they can look for any abnormalities, run tests, distribute the necessary shots and vaccines, and make sure your dog continues to stay the healthiest he or she can possibly be.

5 Reasons Your Dog Needs an Annual Checkup

  • Problems can be identified early-on

By scheduling an annual checkup for your dog, you can identify problems early – so that the appropriate vaccines and medications can be administered.

  • You can save money

You can save money by scheduling annual checkups because if your dog does have a disease – you will catch it early, and the cost is usually cheaper than what the cost would be if you discovered disease later. If you do not take your dog for an annual checkup to identify illnesses early, the next alternative is emergency treatment. That is usually expensive.

  • You can educate yourself about your dog

Your annual checkup will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest trends and developments about caring for dogs. You can also educate yourself about your dog’s medication and food. It will help you understand how you can best help your dog to remain healthy and happy.

  • You can keep your dog healthy

Having annual checkups for your dog helps to ensure you dog’s general wellness. This is important because different stages of your dog’s growth require different levels of care. Your vet will guide you with their advice and assistance.

  • Dog will get his/her vaccinations

Your dog will get his or her regular vaccinations at the annual checkup. These are important because they help to prevent diseases that might harm or kill your dog or other dogs.


So, be sure to schedule that annual checkup for your dog if you haven’t already! There are even more reasons than the five above. However, anything you can do to prevent health issues for your pets is certainly recommended! We wish you and your dogs and other pets a happy and healthy National Pet Wellness Month!


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