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Our Miracle Fund – Helping Urgent Dogs Every Single Day

Big Dog Ranch Rescue has been working around the clock to help the Bahamas. Please continue to help us to help Miracle & all the other Bahamian animals!


We just rescued our precious Miracle from the rubble… and we have rescued over 160 animals from the Bahamas! 62 dogs and cats have been reunited with their families already!!! More lives saved to come! Please help us with our cause!

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For over 21 days and 21 nights, little Miracle held onto life from under thousands of pounds of rubble as Hurricane Dorian ravaged his home.

While searching for survivors, Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s infrared drone system picked up the heat of his broken body from under a collapsed building – and an air conditioning unit. When they finally pulled him out, he was alive – but barely. Having survived purely on rainwater, his body was skeletal. 50% of his body mass had been depleted and he was too broken and weak to move any portion of his body.

Miracle is safe and recovering, but his healing process both physically and emotionally has been extremely extensive. He is going through months of physical therapy – all while fighting his severe anemia and positive heartworm status. We ask that you keep him in your thoughts.

To this day, Big Dog Ranch Rescue continues to search for the hearts still beating in the destroyed Bahamas. They’ve successfully saved over 150 animals, reunited over 50 pets with their families, and funded numerous air and sea transport missions – and they have no intention of stopping now. Big Dog Ranch Rescue plans to continue assisting with hurricane relief as long as funds allow their work to continue. They need YOUR help to continue treating, rescuing, and reuniting the innocent lives affected by this devastating act of nature.

Our “Miracle Save a Dog” campaign is dedicated to helping Miracle, along with all the urgent dogs that need medical treatments and support. All donations are for Miracle and the many pups that have been and will be saved. Thank you so much for your kindness and support.


You can make an immediate donation using the form below.


All funds raised will continue to be used in our on-going rescue and aid relief efforts for the dogs and cats in the Bahamas – and all areas affected by Hurricane Dorian. Thank you for opening your heart!!


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Monthly Caregiver Club


By contributing a recurring gift of just $25 a month, you can help us save even more dogs’ lives! You can do this by joining our Caregiver Club!

After all, $25 a month is just 4 large lattes or 2 lunches out!

The Miracle Fund – Please Help Our Urgent Dogs

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