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Big Dog Ranch Rescue Found a Miracle in the Bahamas

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Using Drones to Locate Dogs Trapped Under Bahamas Buildings
Rescue Recovery Team Unearths Miracle, Finds Trapped Dog Still Alive  
West Palm Beach, Florida Oct.4, 2019- Big Dog Ranch Rescue is using technology and special recovery teams to locate and save dogs trapped under debris in March Harbor, Bahamas. One such rescue, a dog trapped under an air conditioner and building debris, arrived at the ranch about 1PM. The dog, Miracle, is being rushed to the ranch to receive lifesaving medical treatment and nourishment. 
Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and President Lauree Simmons, says the dog is alive but emaciated “What an incredible story that we were able to discover this dog alive after being trapped for so long. We are using the latest technology for our recovery teams to locate these animals. In this case drones played a key role.”
To date 138 dogs have been saved by Big Dog Ranch Rescue from the Bahamas. Several of the dogs are from homes in Marsh Harbor where they were separated as their families evacuated. Many have been reunited with their owners in Florida.  Big Dog Ranch Rescue has also been working with the Bahamas Humane Society to clear shelter space so new dogs can be placed there. Big Dog Ranch Rescue will continue to transport dogs from the facility and will continue to provide vital life saving supplies to the Bahamas. We encourage dog and animal lovers to visit BDRR.ORG and to support the rescue effort by making a donation of money or supplies. Bahamas dogs are available for adoption.
By: Media Contact, Chase Scott – (561) 644-1169
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