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The Tale of Enzo and His New-Found Humans

A beautiful story of a couple and their dog, Enzo, who found each other at Big Dog Ranch Rescue…

For as long as I can remember, my fiancé has been itching to get a dog. We both grew up with family dogs and while we both loved dogs, it did not feel like the right time to get a pet until a couple months ago. We had some trips planned, so we agreed that when we got home from our last trip, we would start getting serious about looking for the perfect addition to our family. That being said, we both had VERY different ideas of what we wanted; I adamantly wanted to rescue any breed of dog from a foster-home situation and my fiancé preferred a female puppy of either Golden Retriever or a Boyken Spaniel breed. With some compromise, we agreed that we would go through a rescue but that we would zero in on retriever or lab breeds, and that we would focus on females.

As luck would have it, one day my fiancé was just casually browsing Florida-based rescues with photos of “Adoptables” and he spotted “Blondie” (now, Enzo) and sent me a photo. There was no description for him as he had just arrived to Big Dog Ranch but he looked identical to a mini golden retriever. While there were other dogs he sent me photos of from BDRR, I responded immediately with “OMG I LOVE BLONDIE”.

The Journey to Big Dog Ranch Rescue…

We live in Tampa, so we needed to be intentional about driving all the way to Loxahatchee so I wanted to make sure that if we made the trip, the dogs we were most interested in would be (a) available, and (b) able to go home that day. I filled out the online application on the spot, and emailed AND called that same day to ask about Blondie, a few others, and what the process would be like to adopt, but truthfully, our sights were set on Blondie and our hopes were up.

When we got to the ranch we bee-lined for Blondie’s kennel as the receptionist and the staff person I spoke with on the phone warned me that Blondie would likely get scooped up quickly. When we saw him, he was even cuter in person and when we took him outside to meet with us, he was just the sweetest and calmest puppy we had ever seen, especially compared with the other puppies around. Being two people who believe in “gut feelings”, we knew we had it right the first time. We headed straight to the main office and began the adoption paperwork.

 Happily United with Enzo… 

From the moment we got him into the car, he was ours. He laid in our laps on the long drive home, covered us with kisses, and quickly proved to be smart, goofy, and gentle. In the weeks since we brought him home, he has been the BEST – and I’m not just saying that—he is actually our dream dog. He walks well on a leash, socializes well with other dogs, behaves well with babies and young children, and is completely unfazed by things other dogs find frightening (thunder, rain, fireworks, etc). Not to mention he is an insanely handsome boy!

A Loyal, Loving Companion…

About a week after we brought Enzo home, I came down with something and was not feeling well at all. Despite my fiancé’s attempts to get Enzo to lay on the couch with him or to go on walks, that dog would not leave my side on the bed. He knew his Mama was sick and he wanted to comfort me. Not only did that completely negate my rule of “no dogs in the bed” (Enzo now enjoys sleeping every night in our cozy bed with us), but it solidified the notion that he was “attached” to us, the same way we felt attached to him.

That mutual love and attention has only grown, and I (embarrassingly) refer to him as my “first born”. Having Enzo in our little family has brought us so much joy in such a short amount of time, and we both hope we are giving him the best, most comfortable, and loving life that he deserves.

We feel as though we won the lottery with Enzo, and that would not have been possible without Big Dog Ranch Rescue. I cannot possibly sing higher praises about this organization, and I have been referring everyone I know who is looking for a new dog their way.

-Jenna Pullara