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Georgie aka Eliot

We absolutely adore Georgie (Eliot)–I kept his name but officially he’s named after the author, even though she was a woman.  We took him to yappy-hour at O’Sheas pub Monday night and he actually pranced around the courtyard with the other dogs!  He loves all dogs, people and tolerates cats. We couldn’t be happier with him!  He’s gentle with my mom who is recovering from chemo, he adores my dad who takes him on long jaunts.  We are putting in a gate so he can be free in the back yard.  Tomorrow he has surgery to remove the growth on his eyelid.  We love his vet, Dr. Lapsley at Village Animal Clinic, in North Palm Beach.
We spent most of one Friday at BDRR waiting to meet Georgie and it was well worth it.  Once we met him, the adoption process could not have been smoother.  He’s my first dog and he could not be a better match for us.
Thanks so much for all that you do for dogs like Georgie; I tell everyone we got him at BDRR.