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How Can I donate to the Capital Campaign?

Where is your campus?

What are your facilities like?

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Does BDRR provide any medical procedures?

All of our rescues at Big Dog Ranch Rescue have been spayed/neutered and have been microchipped. All of our dogs are given medical attention and have been rehabilitated to ensure they’re ready for their Forever Home. If you are fostering one of our rescues, if necessary, Big Dog Ranch Rescue will compensate for vet visits at Big Dog Ranch Rescue approved veterinary clinics or hospitals.

Can you notify me when you get certain breeds or a specific animal is available?

Unfortunately, we cannot. We see a lot of people and pets every day, so it will be more effective if you monitor our dogs and cats through our website.

I have/found/saw a dog/cat that needs rescue, can you help me?

We are able to accept pets from the public on a very limited basis. Please send us all information including pictures, and how you are able to help/contribute, and your request will be reviewed.
If you are the owner of the pet, please fill out the surrender request on our website and it will be reviewed for consideration. You will receive a response if we have additional questions or can help, but sadly, we cannot accommodate all requests.

Can I come to your facility and meet the animals?

The public is always welcome to visit Big Dog Ranch, but not all pets reside here. Some are in foster care. If you are interested in adopting any of our “off campus” dogs or cats, once you apply and are approved, arrangements can be made. Submitting an application in advance, is always recommended. An adoption application is not a commitment to adopt, but it is a time saver, and may also reserve your place in line to meet and adopt.

Can you give me more information about a specific animal?

First, check that pet’s profile page on our website, whatever information that we are given by a caretaker may be listed there. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please email us with specific questions and we can work on researching the answer for you.

Can you tell me more about adoption fees?

The adoption fee is a donation that varies, depending on the species, age and breed. Dogs $100-400, Cats $50-200

How can I volunteer?

How can I donate items?

Feel free to drop it to the ranch or any of our pet store adoption sites, which are listed on our website, We LOVE gently used items, but please make sure food has been unopened and bedding is cleaned.

I want to help save lives. How can I donate funds?

Without funds, we couldn’t provide lifesaving medical care, food, litter, caretakers or sustain our mission, so thank you for considering. Donations can be processed electronically on our website as a general donation or for a specific pet. You are also welcome to send a check to our foundation office: 11390 Jog Rd., Suite 101 Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418

Should I adopt or foster?

The biggest difference between adopting and fostering is permanent vs. temporary. Adopting is a lifelong commitment to your rescue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Fostering is temporary (although this can mean short-term or long-term) and the rescue is still under the custody of Big Dog Ranch Rescue. Whether you adopt or foster, you are saving a life and that’s a very rewarding experience!

How should I prepare for my new rescue?

Before your rescue comes home, you need the following at home: appropriate-sized crate and bed, leash, collar with ID tag, recommended food, puppy pads (if needed). This will make the transition easier for you and your dog.

What if I have other pets?

Read each dog’s profile carefully before adopting. Some of our dogs, even though they are sweet-natured, may not be comfortable around other animals. Make sure that your home is the best home it can be for the dog you want to adopt or foster. A saved life should be a happy life!

What can I do to make my rescue more comfortable in their new home?

The best thing a new dog owner can do is treat their rescues with love, kindness, and patience. Change is scary, especially if a dog has suffered abuse and neglect. Remember that both you and your dog are adjusting and learning. Don’t be afraid to contact Big Dog Ranch Rescue with questions and concerns you may have. We’re here to help you make your Forever Home the best it can be!

I just submitted my application, will showing up at the ranch expedite the process?

While the public is always welcome to visit the ranch, we cannot guarantee that the pet will be ready for adoption, or even located at the ranch, nor can we guarantee that your application will be reviewed or you will be able to go home with a dog, on that same day.

If the pet I applied for is not available, do I have to apply again if I am interested in other pets?

No, just request that your application be transferred to the new pet that you are interested in.

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