Big Dog & Small Dog Ranch Rescue
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Foster today, change a life tomorrow


At Big Dog Ranch Rescue, we’re proud to comfortably house over 600 animals as they wait to find their Forever Home. Nevertheless, in order to give more animals a place to stay on our campus, we need the help of foster parents.

As a foster parent, your goal is to find the rescue a Forever Home. This involves taking our rescue to adoption events, regular check-ins with the ranch, and giving them a safe home. Fostering allows rescues to live outside of the campus and experience being part of a family as they await adoption.

Can you open your heart and home to a foster animal?


You can be the bridge between the old life and the new life in a pet’s rescue journey.

You’re not only helping the dog or cat you foster, you’re helping Big Dog Ranch Rescue save more lives.


As our dogs await their Forever Home, we ask our Foster Families to:

Provide a safe, kind, and stress-free home life.


Provide their foster dog with the basics they need like food, bedding, collar, leash, toys, etc.


Give our rescue any and all medication they may need.


Fill their foster dog’s day with lots of exercise and playtime.


Check-in with Big Dog Ranch Rescue weekly.


Bring their foster dog to adoption events and introduce them to people interested in adoption.


Take our rescues to BDRR approved veterinary clinics (all medical care will be covered at Big Dog Ranch


Rescue approved hospitals and clinics. Any and all medical treatment must be pre-approved.


Communicate with the BDRR team about any behavior or medical problems immediately.


A dog’s time in a foster home can range from a few days to several months. Every rescue is different, so every foster experience will be different. We are able to give a better estimate for your specific foster dog before you take them home.

Interested in becoming a foster parent?

Disclaimer: The foster parent agrees that the dog remains under the jurisdiction of Big Dog Ranch Rescue and cannot be abandoned, sold or given to a shelter, retail establishment or research institution. The dog must be placed under the adoption guidelines of Big Dog Ranch Rescue and possession of the dog cannot be transferred to another individual without permission from the Big Dog Ranch Rescue foster or adoptions team. The foster parent understands that Big Dog Ranch Rescue has the right to remove the foster dog from the foster home at any time. All medical treatment must be pre-approved by Big Dog Ranch Rescue. If at any time you feel that you cannot properly care for your Big Dog Ranch Recuse dog, please provide us as much notice as you can. We ask for a minimum of 48 hours so that we can find them provide them with a room at our facility and/or a new foster family.