Big Dog & Small Dog Ranch Rescue
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Thank you for considering to adopt one of our beautiful dogs!

We appreciate you filling out this application online and submitting it for review! We also offer the option of filling one out from one of our laptops, here at the ranch.

We are open 7 days a week, from 10am – 5pm.


**All interested adopters must submit an adoption form.**

If you are a service or veteran member of the U.S. military, you may be eligible for a reduced adoption fee and other valuable support and discounts through our partnership with Pets for Patriots. To get started, patriots can simply visit their website to qualify and apply. Once you receive your approval email, you can make an appointment to visit Big Dog Ranch Rescue to meet honorably adoptable pets (dogs two years or older, a dog weighing more than 40 pounds regardless of age, or a special needs dog). We also require that you fill out the Big Dog Ranch Rescue adoption application below, which we will keep on file while you wait to hear from Pets for Patriots.



Sign in on the appropriate sign in sheet.

Submit an adoption application.

Get escorted, by a staff member, through our buildings of available dogs.

You are allowed to walk through buildings A-D, and you can look through the windows, but please DO NOT open any of the doors.

Get an adoption coordinator/staff member to take the dog out that you’re interested in meeting. (Please remember the name of the dog(s) you’re interested in, as that is the easiest way for us to locate the dog, and all of its information.)


**If you have a current dog or dogs at home, we will need to schedule a meet and greet appointment, where you will bring your alpha dog of the home to the ranch to ensure they’ll get along.**

Fill out an adoption contract and pay your adoption fee.

Schedule an appointment to pick up your dog.

Come pick up your new family member!

Get your dog food to go home with, and take a picture with you new baby!

Mixed-Breed Adoption Fees:

0 – 1yr = $300

1yr – 5yrs = $200

7+yrs = $150

Purebred Adoption Fees:

0 – 1yr = $500

1+yrs = $400

Please be aware that submitting an application DOES NOT secure a dog for adoption, or put one on hold.

Please fill out the form below and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as possible.

NOTE: Once you have completed the application process below, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the title “Thank you for your submitting an adoption application with Big Dog Ranch Rescue!” You must receive this email, before the adoption process can begin, so please check your spam folders. If you did NOT receive this you will need to re-submit your application.