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A True Love Story: Veteran Finds His Furever Companion

This story of a veteran, Sy Winkler, finding his forever companion will truly touch your heart. It’s a tale of love, companionship, and best-friendship.

Mr. Sy Winkler is a veteran who has always loved Samoyed dogs. His love for the Samoyed breed began when he lived in New York and his friend asked him to take in a dog named Frosty. He and Frosty did everything together. At the time, Mr. Winkler owned his own manufacturing company, and he brought Frosty with him to all of his appointments. 

“My customers liked him more than me! I referred to him as my assistant sales rep!”, he said. 

Frosty and Sy shared a bond until he died at 18-years-old. After that, Sy was devastated and decided to move to Florida. After living in Florida for a few years without a dog, he realized he was missing a furry companion. That’s when he decided to reach out to Big Dog Ranch Rescue to find another Samoyed dog. He came out to the Ranch and was so amazed at what a happy environment it was. It also just so happened to be a great time for him to visit. There was a beautiful Samoyed dog available named Bianca. They immediately fell in love with each other and he adopted her. 

Happily Ever After 

18-month-old Bianca – now Bebe – and Sy are the best of friends. They walk together eight times a day! So, they both get their exercise in! Sy says that Bebe is fabulous, listens very well, and sleeps at the foot of his bed. She’s also super to accompany him on car rides, and everyone in his neighborhood loves her. 

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is fabulous. The staff is great, and of course, so are the dogs! I would recommend the place to anybody and every body! Everyone is marvelous!” –Sy Winkler

More About Sy

He was a Jack of all trades! Besides serving in the army and being released with honorable discharge, he was a musician, an entertainer, and he owned his own manufacturing company in New York. Now he is having the time of his life with Bebe! 🙂