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A Happy Ending for a Soldier’s Beloved Dog

“Every dog deserves to live, and most importantly, to live a full and happy life.” That’s the idea that Big Dog Ranch Rescue was founded on. That’s why when a soldier’s beloved dog was surrendered to a shelter by the trusted friend taking care of him while his owner was in Afghanistan, BDRR reached out to help.  

Wade, Hernando County

How Big Dog Ranch Rescue Helped Wade

The scenario began when a soldier found out that he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan. He immediately made arrangements for his beloved Mastiff/mix, Wade. The soldier left him with a trusted friend to care for Wade until he returned. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened.

Instead, the trusted friend surrendered Wade to Hernando County Animal Services as a stray. However, when the shelter scanned his microchip, they realized he was actually the dog of a deployed soldier. An investigation is now taking place to find out why this terrible situation happened.

The shelter immediately posted on Facebook about Wade – asking for someone to foster sweet Wade until his owner returned. 

That’s when Big Dog Ranch Rescue reached out to help Wade out.  

The shelter staff members were thrilled, and posted to Facebook: 

“Wade has left the building with Big Dog Ranch Rescue (BDRR)!!
THANK YOU Big Dog Ranch Rescue for stepping up for this guy. It is BDDR policy and intention to hold Wade at the rescue/ranch living a happy cage free life until his soldier person comes home and they can be reunited.
Happy Life Wade – you were one of a kind and we will all miss you.”

Now Wade is being showered with love at the lovely 33-acre ranch. He has pools, toys, treats, and doggy-friends to play with. It is truly the best ending to a potentially sad situation. Now, he can relax and enjoy at BDRR until his dad gets back! 

More Good News About Big Dog Ranch Rescue

Big Dog Ranch Rescue takes in more surrenders and strays, like Wade, as the largest no-kill shelter in the nation. In fact, from January-July 2019, BDRR took in 248 strays and 251 owner surrenders from Palm Beach County residents alone.

BDRR has also rescued many dogs not taken by other rescues. These dogs sometimes have serious medical needs such as, heart worm disease, injuries from being hit by a car, and last day of life issues. At Big Dog Ranch Rescue, these dogs receive the medical attention they need to live a full and happy life. In the first half of 2019, Big Dog Ranch Rescue also successfully placed 1,386 dogs with families!

Big Dog Ranch Rescue Founder and President, Lauree Simmons, is proud her rescue plays such a vital role in the community and the nation. “I never want to see a dog euthanized due to a treatable medical condition. But many shelters don’t want the expense so, whenever possible, we step-in and save that life. In fact, the level of care we provide has become so well known in Palm Beach County that the number of dogs brought directly to our campus is second only to the county shelter,” she said.    

Big Dog Ranch Rescue holds many community events and educates the public on proper care, the importance of spaying/neutering, and brings to light national and global issues of concern to dog lovers such as the horrific China meat trade. In addition, the campus is expanding to include facilities that cater to local seniors, veterans, and families who live in the community.