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Dear BDRR Fans,

We need you all to gather ’round for this post. Take a deep breath and grab a box of tissues. We’d like to introduce you to Tobie. He has been safe at the Ranch for a very, very long time but he truly needs his own forever family. Tobie was found abandoned on the side of the road. Can you imagine . . . this poor boy lying helpless and scared on the side of the road in busy Miami with cars just whizzing by leaving him alone and frightened. Finally (and we mean FINALLY) a good samaritan stopped, loaded this boy into their car and brought him to Miami Dade Animal Care. Here’s where BDRR stepped in.

Fortunately, we have a world-renowned Weim expert in our midst. We won’t name her but her initials are LS. We have it on first-hand knowledge and authority that Tobie is one of the sweetest, kindest souled weims to ever walk the planet. Tobie arrived at BDRR with an old leg injury that was left untreated for quite a long time. We believe he had been hit by a car at some point along his life’s journey and the leg had atrophied. Tobie’s injured leg was saved and his injury totally healed but he now prefers to walk (or run) on his other three legs while holding his front one up and in a bent position. Rest assured he’s in no pain. Because of this, though, he will require lots of extra doggie kisses and sweet nothings whispered to him. Of course, all of this should be done while he’s lying comfortably in bed.

Tobie has been at the Ranch for 640 days! It seems he’s frequently overlooked because, well, he isn’t Bradley Cooper or Brad Pitt. But, hey, we can’t all be movie star perfect. Since Tobie has been through such an ordeal in his short three year life, he’d really appreciate being the only dog. He would surely consider a four-legged brother or sister so long as they are not the alpa type! He doesn’t like to be bossed around, thank you very much. Even though he uses just three legs to get around, he has mastered this skill beautifully. He loves kids but in his unbridled enthusiasm for the human race, he might be a little much for very small children.

If you have as part of your life’s plan “bucket list” to do a good deed in the dog world, look no further. We will vouch for your kind-hearted, amazing spirit and sign (and notarize) any necessary paperwork required in case substantiation of said good deed is ever required. We need just one awesome human (unlike all those folks who passed him by on the side of the road) to step up for this boy. Please, please, please consider fostering or adopting Tobie. We have over 13,500 FB fans. We are begging (‘cuz we’re not above that) someone out there to make a little extra room on the couch for Tobie!

With the press of ten phone buttons 561-309-3311, this boy could be yours. He promises to return the love to the end of time!

General Information

ID #:
Gender: Male
Age: Puppy (1-12 months)
Size: Small (0-25 lbs)
Location: Big Dog Ranch Wellington
Contact Info:
Special Needs:
Adoption Fee:

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